Reasons to Choose Wood Flooring

Posted on: 21 June 2021

If you are going to be replacing the flooring you already have, then the first step will be to figure out whether you want to replace it with the same type of flooring or change it to something completely different. As you are considering your flooring options, you may find that wood flooring can be a better option than carpet, tile, or marble floors. Here are some questions to ask about your current flooring that can help you to decide if you would be better off with wood.

Are allergies a problem?

If you currently have carpet, then before you decide on the flooring for your home, you should ask yourself if anyone in the household suffers from allergies. If anyone does have allergies, then realize that carpet can be causing their symptoms to be much worse in the home, where a person should be able to relax and feel most comfortable. Carpet holds on to many types of allergens from pet dander to pollen. Going with wood flooring instead gives you a surface that can be easily swept regularly to remove all of those bothersome things before they end up back in the air. 

Is there a baby in the home?

If you have a very hard floor, such as tile, and you have a baby, then you may find yourself worrying a lot about your baby falling. Since this is something that babies do a lot when they are crawling, learning to walk, and learning how to move their little legs faster to achieve a running pace, a very hard floor will be a huge concern. Wood is still considered to be a hard flooring, but it is significantly softer than tile. Plus, tile flooring can be slippery, and this only increases the chances of falls. However, wood is much easier for little feet to grip so your baby will not fall as often. 

Does your home feel too professional and cold?

If you have always wished that your home felt more inviting and warm to you and you have marble flooring, then replacing the marble with wood can help. Whereas marble flooring can give a home a more professional feel than a homey one, wood can give it a very inviting, charming, and comfortable feel. Once you replace marble with wood, you may be surprised at the difference it makes in the way you feel when you walk into your home each day.