Mistakes To Avoid With Your Home's New Hardwood Flooring

Posted on: 13 January 2023

The choice of hardwood floors can be an option that will provide your home with years of quality performance. However, there are some routine mistakes that you will want to avoid when it comes to this flooring material.

Mistake: Failing To Protect The Hardwood Floors From Sunlight

Intense sunlight shining through your home's windows can be a source of wear that can severely degrade your new flooring. When this light is able to strike hardwood for long periods of time, it can start to degrade the wood. This may start as the wood loses much of its color.  However, it can progress to the point where the wood may actually start to become brittle as a result. Over time, this may cause it to crack, which can be both unsightly and difficult to repair without replacing the wood. Applying a window film that blocks ultraviolet light can be a simple and discrete way of protecting your floors against this type of wear.

Mistake: Mopping The Hardwood Floors

Cleaning your floors will be one of the more routine types of home maintenance that you will need to do. Unfortunately, individuals that are new to owning wood floors may make the mistake of attempting to mop them with water. This could lead to large amounts of moisture seeping into the wood where it may cause the floorboards to start to swell. As they swell, this could lead to sections of the flooring bulging. When cleaning your hardwood floors, using a dust mop and wood oil will be a far more effective way of keeping them in good condition without risking these particular issues.

Mistake: Not Strategically Using Rugs In High Traffic Area

There are some areas of your floors that will simply receive substantially more traffic than others. In these areas, the hardwood floors may benefit from an additional layer of protection. An effective and aesthetically pleasing option for this may be the use of strategically placed rugs in high-traffic areas. These rugs can help to protect the flooring while also helping to enrich the interior design of the roof. It is important to occasionally move these rugs to clean under them. Some homeowners may neglect this part of the process, but this will remove any dust, pebbles to other debris that may have gotten under the rug as they could eventually cause deep scratches and scuffing of the hardwood flooring if they are not removed at regular intervals.

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