Three Red Hardwood Products That You May Enjoy

Posted on: 1 March 2023

Hardwood flooring can not only add a stylish and sleek look to any room in your home but can also offer a splash of color. While some people opt for hardwood in dark brown or gray hues, there are products that have more of a colorful appearance — and can be a good fit for a lot of people. When you visit a flooring supplier, you can expect to see several hardwood products that have a red tint to them. This look can work well in all sorts of areas of your home, including many rooms and even common spaces such as hallways. Here are three red hardwood flooring products that you may wish to check out.

Red Oak

Oak hardwood flooring is very popular, so you can expect that your local flooring supplier will carry many different oak products. One product that may catch your eye if you're shopping for a reddish hue will be red oak. It has a distinctly different appearance from white oak hardwood and can offer a rich look in your home. The stain on red oak hardwood can vary. You'll see some products that give the wood a red-brown look, while others are closer in color to red-yellow. Whatever you choose, you can expect that red oak will offer a splash of color.


Another red hardwood product that you'll likely encounter is mahogany. While this wood is known for being highly durable, it also offers an impressive red hue that you won't see in many other hardwood types. Mahogany is a popular wood type in luxury furniture; if you've seen some mahogany furniture over the years, you might be excited to think of having this color on the floors of your home. While mahogany can vary a little in its exact color, it tends to have a look that incorporates both red and brown.


Cherry is another wood that is common in high-end furniture but is also a hardwood flooring option that many homeowners enjoy. In addition to offering a high level of durability, its reddish appearance immediately adds style to any room. Some cherry hardwood features red and brown color notes, while other products are more in the red-orange spectrum. If red hardwood flooring interests you, visit a local supplier to check out these and other wood types. Many hardwood flooring suppliers will have these products in stock or be able to order samples for you.

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