4 Reasons Cork Flooring Is A Flooring Option Worth Your Money

Posted on: 18 May 2021

If you are thinking about renovating the floors in your home, consider choosing the most suitable flooring option like cork flooring. Cork is one of the cheap, reliable, and durable wood types of floors in the market. The floor comes from the barks of the oak tree, which undergo special processing to make tiles. You can get either sliced or granulated cork to install onto your floor. The manufacturers also bond the sheets with resin, which increases the strength of the material substantially. 

Here are the four main reasons to consider installing a cork floor in your home.

The Floor Is Hypoallergenic

One of the things to worry about when choosing construction materials is their effect on your family members. Floors that retain dust, animal hair, and other debris from the environment create a hostile indoor environment for people with allergies. Cork is excellent because it repels dirt, pet dander, and all other small particles from the environment. 

Additionally, cork has a natural waxy substance that is very effective in repelling insects. Compared to a carpet, cork flooring is less allergenic because it does not hold dust, microbes, or mold. 

The Floor Is Comfortable

Comfort is the second thing to worry about when looking for flooring material, especially for your home. Cork comes from the tree's bark, which makes it the softest wood type of material in the market. In addition, it has an inherent spring which makes it very comfortable for walking. 

The floor will be excellent for parts of the home that you like walking on barefoot. Cork also feels warmer than regular hardwood flooring, vinyl, and tile. As a result, it is the ideal balance between comfort and affordability.

The Floor Will Last Long

The waxy substance produced by cork repels termites, dust mites, and other insects that generally damage the wood. So when you install cork flooring in your home, you can expect it to serve you for decades without pest damage. The floor is also flexible, and it quickly bounces back when you drop something heavy on it. Cork flooring is also resistant to water and does not rot or suffer mold damage.

The Floor Is Low Maintenance

When compared to wood and carpet, cork flooring is extremely easy to maintain. You can even install it on top of other floor types like wood or vinyl, and it will still be effective.

The benefits of installing a cork floor outweigh the costs by far. Pick a reliable supplier or cork flooring retailer to get the right cork floor for your home. Also, get a competent floor installation contractor to ensure the flooring is professionally installed.