Vinyl Flooring Services You'll Need To Get New Floors In Your Home

Posted on: 8 June 2023

You have many options in flooring, and a good one to consider is vinyl. Vinyl is suitable for any room in your home, and it comes in many colors of wood, so it goes will all kinds of decor. Luxury vinyl planks are common and attractive, but you can choose sheet vinyl or vinyl tiles if you prefer. Here are some vinyl flooring services you'll need to get your floors installed.

Help Choosing The Type Of Flooring

You can choose any type of flooring you want, but the installation contractor may want to discuss the installation method. Vinyl planks can be locked together so they float over the floor. This can eliminate the need to remove old flooring as long as the old flooring is in good shape. The planks can also be glued down, so you may want to discuss the pros and cons of each installation method for plank flooring.

Some vinyl flooring is loose lay meaning it just lies on the floor like a rug and doesn't have to be glued. Some tiles can be grouted if you want them to look like real stone tiles. If you prefer a particular installation method because you might want to float the floor to save money, let the installation contractor know that upfront and be sure to buy the type of planks that can float.

Measure Your Home For Supplies

You'll need to know how much flooring and other supplies to buy, so exact measurements are critical so you can buy from the same lot and ensure all the planks or tiles match. The installation contractor may also order extra as is commonly done since some tiles need to be cut to fit around things like the toilets and columns. This also leaves you with some scrap panels or tiles you can use for repairs in the coming years.

While the installation contractor measures your house, they can also look over the floors to determine how much prep work will be needed on your old floors before the new vinyl flooring goes down.

Remove Old Flooring

Removing the old flooring may be necessary, but if it's not, the contractor still has to make sure there are no rough spots, depressions, or hills in the floor that will affect the way the new floor looks when it goes down. If necessary, the contractor will make repairs ahead of installing the vinyl flooring.

Install The New Floors

Vinyl flooring is pretty easy to install. It's light and that makes it easy to work with. Plus, the planks can be cut easily with a vinyl plank cutter, and that helps the work go fast. The new floors will be installed using the appropriate method which will probably be gluing or floating. Both methods hold the floors secure so you don't have to worry about the planks or tiles slipping around when kids or pets play on them. 

For more info about vinyl flooring services, contact a local company.