Luxury Sheet Vinyl Flooring Could Be Perfect For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Posted on: 14 April 2023

If you're looking for bathroom flooring, consider luxury sheet vinyl. It's an easy type of flooring for a DIY project as long as you can get a roll of the flooring home and cut it to the right size. However, you can also have it installed professionally if you prefer. Vinyl is a good flooring material for bathrooms since you don't have to worry about getting it wet. Here are some benefits of using sheet vinyl flooring in your bathroom.

Sheet Vinyl Has Many Attractive Styles

Vinyl flooring comes in many patterns and colors, so you have the chance to create unique decor. You might want flooring that looks like natural stone tiles, wood planks, or colorful mosaic tiles. When you buy sheet vinyl, the flooring looks like individual planks or tiles, but it's actually a single sheet of vinyl.

This helps your floor stay waterproof since water can't seep through any seams. The only place water could get under the sheet vinyl is along the edges, and that's not likely to happen if the vinyl flooring is fully adhered to the floor with glue.

Luxury Sheet Vinyl Flooring Is Warm On Your Feet

Bathroom floors can be cold when they're made of ceramic tiles or stone. Vinyl stays much warmer so your feet won't get cold if you go to the bathroom at night. Plus, vinyl is a good match for radiant floor heating. Heat passes through easily and it won't hurt your flooring. In addition, luxury vinyl is soft rather than hard like stone. It's more comfortable to stand and walk on.

Luxury Sheet Vinyl Is Durable

Luxury sheet vinyl is high-quality flooring. You can buy it with features such as an anti-scratch or antimicrobial coating. It's ideal for a bathroom environment where the flooring might get wet since you can drip water on vinyl without worrying about it causing damage.

Since a bathroom floor doesn't usually get a lot of rough treatment, the vinyl flooring could last for many years. However, it's not a permanent type of flooring since you can pull it up and replace it when you want a new look.

Sheet Vinyl Doesn't Have To Be Glued

Some types of sheet vinyl are called loose lay because they don't have to be glued down. They roll out flat and stay flat on the floor, similar to a rug. This is a good choice for DIY installation, so you don't have to bother with glue. You'll just need to cut the vinyl to size, which you can do with a utility knife or scissors, and then place it on the floor for an instant new look. However, if you prefer to glue the flooring, that is an installation option as well.