Three Benefits Of A Herringbone Hardwood Layout

Posted on: 13 March 2023

When you think of a room that has hardwood flooring, there's a good chance that you'll picture a floor in which the planks of wood are all parallel. While this design is popular and has a number of advantages, it's not your only layout option when you're thinking about putting down hardwood in your home. Some people will be intrigued by a herringbone pattern. In this design, the planks of wood are placed in a pattern in which they're perpendicular to one another, offering a different look than a standard wood floor. Here are three benefits of a herringbone hardwood layout.

Visual Interest 

A lot of people opt for a herringbone layout when they put down their hardwood floor simply because it's less common. This gives this layout more visual interest, which you may appreciate if you want your home's floors to look different than most of the other homes you've visited. In some rooms, you may want your floor to be one of the focal points. For example, if you have a relatively large living room that you don't fill with too many pieces of furniture, the floor will be very visible. A herringbone layout will create more visual interest than a standard layout.

Good For Short Pieces

Another advantage of using a herringbone layout is that it can work well with short pieces of hardwood flooring. When people lay their wood out in a parallel manner, they generally want to use pieces that are as long as possible. However, longer hardwood often costs more than shorter pieces. If you have a relatively tight budget for your flooring remodel and you find that short flooring is a better cost option for you, short pieces will look better in a stylish herringbone pattern than placed conventionally.

Large Appearance

There are several factors that can influence how hardwood flooring affects the look of a room, including the manner in which you lay out the floor. It's common to find that a herringbone pattern can make a room feel more spacious than when you use a traditional parallel layout. Some parallel layouts, depending on the shape and size of the room, as well as the color of the flooring, can make the room look long but somewhat thin. The wide-looking pattern of a herringbone layout will often give a moderate-sized room a large, open feel that you appreciate.

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