Custom-Built Hardwood Floor Design Ideas To Add Elegant Flooring To Home Renovations

Posted on: 20 May 2021

If you are looking for elegant flooring solutions for your home, custom-built hardwood floors give you many options. These can be interesting and artistic patterns that are handcrafted for a one-of-a-kind floor design. The following custom-built hardwood floor designs are some of the options you may want to consider for your home:

Inlayed Hardwood Floor Designs

The first option to consider for custom-built hardwood floors is a laid-in design. There are a lot of options for custom and personalized features that can be added with laid-in hardwood flooring designs. These can be a great option to add geometric shapes and centerpieces for areas like foyers of main entrances.

Staining To Create Colorful Patterns

You can also use different types of staining methods for a custom-built hardwood flooring installation. This can be done by the installer when creating custom-built floors. The wood can be prestained before installation to create different colors of finishes that give your floors the unique design you are looking for. This is better than using different wood species because you can be sure your wood flooring will be uniform. All the wood will be the same hardness, which will prevent problems with damage due to the flooring expanding and contrasting.

Borders and Planks In Different Directions

Another popular choice for hardwood floor designs is using borders. These are wood floors that have planks that run in the opposite direction around the borders of rooms and areas. This can be great for an open-concept floorplan that you may be planning for your renovations. The borders around the areas can be used to separate different spaces of the open design. Smaller planks running in different directions can create unique patterns for your hardwood flooring design.

Using Different Sizes of Hardwood Planks

You may also want to use different sizes of planks for your floors. One of the most popular wood flooring trends today is using wide planks. This can also be combined with narrower planks for more of a unique look. You can combine different widths of hardwood planks to create unique designs and features in your custom hardwood flooring designs. The different hardwood widths can be used in separate areas or combined to create the custom-built flooring designs you want to achieve.

The custom hardwood floor designs give you options for different types of flooring. Contact a custom-built hardwood floor installer to discuss some of these options for elegant new floors for your home.