Hardwood Flooring Options To Give Your Floors A Unique Personalized Design

Posted on: 3 June 2021

If you want flooring with a more personalized design, consider using hardwood materials. The features that you may want to consider include stencil staining, borders, and laid-in designs. The following hardwood flooring custom installation options will give your new floors a more personalized design:

Stenciled Hardwood Flooring Stains

The hardwood that you install for the floors in your home is going to need to be stained. Rather than staining the wood with one color stain, they can be combined with different colors. Stencils can give the floors custom designs and create a unique look for flooring. There are various types of stencils that can be used to create artistic designs and patterns with the same materials. This allows you to ensure all your hardwood floors have the same hardness. The same materials will not expand differently and are less vulnerable to damage.

Laid-In Hardwood Flooring Designs

You can also add laid-in custom features to the design of hardwood flooring. There are some areas where you can add in-laid hardwood designs to add more personalized details to your floors. There are various types of designs that can be created with laid-in flooring features. Some of the laid-in designs you may want to add to your hardwood flooring include artistic centerpieces and custom geometric patterns.

Creative Borders for Hardwood Flooring

There are also different options to create borders for your hardwood floors. The borders can be great to create more depth and a custom design for different areas of your home. In areas with an open-concept design, they can also be used to separate spaces and interior design themes. You can also use the borders to transition from one type of hardwood flooring material to another. The borders can even be different styles of flooring that are different than the main floor space that can be finished with more conventional materials.

Custom Hardwood Flooring Tile-Like Patterns

You can also install hardwood flooring in more tile-like patterns. The tile patterns for hardwood flooring give you a lot of options for geometrical shapes and optical illusions. The optical illusions can be used to create depth and texture in floors with a 3D look. There are also options to use tile-like hardwood patterns to create more vintage flooring styles. These tile-like patterns give your hardwood flooring a unique look.

The hardwood flooring you have installed in your home can give your floors a personalized look. Contact a hardwood flooring installation service to discuss these options for your home.