Flooring Options To Consider For Your Getaway Cabin

Posted on: 17 June 2021

If you're fixing up a cabin to use as a getaway or to rent as a vacation home, you may be stumped when it comes to the type of flooring to install. Your choice may be determined by how you intend to use the cabin, since you want attractive flooring for a vacation rental and more utilitarian flooring for a fishing cabin.

Plus, you have to consider if the cabin will be cooled and heated all the time or if there will be weeks or months when the cabin is hot and humid or freezing. Here's a look at some flooring options for your cabin renovation.

Engineered Wood Planks

Hardwood provides the classic look and sound for a cabin floor, but it might not be the most practical option, especially if your cabin will be closed during the cold winter months. Instead, you can choose engineered wood planks that look and sound like hardwood but are more structurally stable due to the way they're made.

They have a real hardwood top layer so they look authentic, but they have layers underneath that limit swelling and contraction so the planks are more stable in temperature and humidity extremes. Engineered planks could be suitable for a vacation rental or a getaway cabin.

Vinyl And Luxury Vinyl

If you want the look of hardwood, but you want something that is easy to maintain, luxury vinyl planks could be a good choice. These look like real wood, but you can tell they're not by the way they sound and feel. However, luxury planks could still be suitable for a cabin and give it a rustic feel, especially if you choose planks made with knots and scrapes.

If you're looking for inexpensive flooring that will get rough treatment, then regular vinyl could be the right choice. You can opt for peel-and-stick tiles or sheet vinyl. Sheet vinyl can be put down and sealed around the edges of the room to make it watertight.

Vinyl flooring comes in many colors, so it's a good choice if you're avoiding the log cabin look and you don't want flooring that looks like wood. Both regular and luxury vinyl are easy to install, so you could install the floor yourself and save money.

Porcelain Or Ceramic Tile

You may also want to consider porcelain or ceramic tiles when you're comparing options for your cabin floors. These come in different sizes and colors that replicate natural stone or even wood. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are durable enough for outdoor use. When these tiles are installed and sealed, they're waterproof, which might be important if there is a chance water could get in your cabin while you're gone.

The tiles can also be very attractive and enhance the appearance of your cabin, but they are durable and practical too. Since they can be used outdoors, they withstand humidity swings and temperature extremes. They'll tolerate being closed up in your cabin in extreme winter weather and hot summer temperatures, so you won't have to run your AC or furnace unless you're at the cabin.

Contact a flooring supplier in your area to learn more.