Installing New Quartz Countertops In Your Kitchen

Posted on: 13 December 2021

Your kitchen countertops will be among the most important factors in creating a functional and attractive design for the kitchen. Due to the importance of the countertops, you should always become as informed as possible about the various options that are available.

Myth: Quartz Is Not A Durable Option For Countertops

Quartz can offer many benefits for those that choose it for their new countertops. One of the most important attributes of this option is that it will be extremely durable. In fact, quartz can be among the most durable options for kitchen countertops, and you should be able to expect your quartz countertops to last for decades or longer before it shows signs of significant wear.

Myth: Quartz Countertops Will Be Difficult To Clean

The kitchen countertops will be among the surfaces that you will need to clean the most frequently. Luckily, quartz is an extremely easy surface to keep clean. Due to the way that it is made, the quartz will be extremely resistant to staining. When cleaning the quartz, you may want to use a microfiber cloth, as this will be able to reduce the risk of scuffing the countertops while cleaning them. Choosing a cleaning agent that is formulated for use on quartz can also be advisable, as this will be able to sanitize the surface without causing excessive wear to it.

Myth: You Won't Need A Cutting Board If You Have Quartz Countertops

The intense strength of the quartz can lead to people assuming that they will be able to avoid the need to use cutting boards when they are preparing food. However, a cutting board is always advisable due to the risk of a knife being able to leave gash marks on the surface of the countertops. Unfortunately, these gashes can be extremely unattractive, and they can also make the quartz harder to clean as they can trap food and other substances. When choosing a cutting board, you should choose one that has a padded bottom or legs that can slightly elevate it. This will reduce the risk of the board scuffing the countertops as you are cutting items.

Quartz countertops are a popular option for individuals that are remodeling their kitchens. Understanding some of the assumptions that individuals may make about quartz countertops can help you to weigh whether this is a viable option for your home's new kitchen countertops. Recognizing the durability of quartz, the ease of cleaning them, and the need to use a cutting board can help you to enjoy quality results with your new countertops.