3 Tips For Including Hardwood Floors In A Mainly Carpeted Home

Posted on: 26 May 2022

Including hardwood flooring in a home with carpeting can be a tall task that requires a significant investment and a lot of consideration towards how to implement it seamlessly. If you're curious about options for including hardwood floors, consider the following tips for new floors.

Include Transitions Between Floors

Having the hardwood flooring fit seamlessly into your home can be as straightforward as installing a transition strip between the two floors. Even with this plan in mind, finding the right transition strip to install can be challenging. There are lots of options for materials used and their appearance in color, and you'll also need to choose the correct width of the strips. 

As you compare transition strips to install, making it as seamless and invisible as possible can feel tempting. The issue with this thinking is that the transition between your hardwood and carpeting can be a trip hazard. Ensure the transition is visibly apparent so the risk of a fall is reduced significantly and that anyone will notice the difference in elevation or softness right away.

Understanding the Maintenance 

If you're eager to install hardwood flooring, you must understand the maintenance involved. While carpeting needs routine vacuuming and the occasional deep clean, hardwood almost certainly requires buffing, polishing, and staining occasionally. This extra maintenance can seem daunting at first, making it essential to understand what's involved before updating your flooring.

The hardwood you choose can play a significant part in maintenance, including the softness of the wood affecting how easy scratches show and how the floors handle moisture in humid climates. By understanding the necessary maintenance, you'll feel motivated to move forward with installation without uncertainties over care. 

Select the Ideal Vacuum Cleaner

If your home already has carpeting and you're eager to include hardwood, you need a convenient way to clean both flooring surfaces. Finding a vacuum cleaner that does well on carpeting and hardwood ensures that you aren't skipping maintenance and the upkeep both flooring requires. 

Finding the ideal hardwood flooring and having it installed without regrets requires making plans with your existing carpeting in mind. Understanding the necessary upkeep of hardwood flooring will ensure your home looks inviting and that maintenance won't be too demanding. Finding ways to add hardwood flooring to your home without adding risks or unexpected upkeep will lead to satisfaction with the investment and the difference it adds to your home rather than carpeting throughout.  

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