Why Refinishing Is An Essential Element Of Being A Timber Floor Owner

Posted on: 19 August 2022

Whether you have had timber floors in every home you have ever lived in or finally got a house that has one for the very first time, there is nothing quite like the feel and look of beautiful hardwood underneath your feet. While owning hardwood certainly does involve a bit more effort than other types of flooring material, most people would agree that this is worth it in the long run for such a strong and unique look. Hardwood refinishing is an important part of the maintenance of your timber flooring, and you need to ensure that you are on top of this process at all times.

Stops Structural Weaknesses

When your hardwood floor starts to display signs of gouging or scratches, these elements become the weakest part of the floor and can be the target for a lot of strain. When you refinish your floor, not only is the entire timber surface back on a level playing field but these weaknesses can no longer be exploited as they are re-incorporated back into a strong overall front. Do not let these scratches and cracks threaten the wooden floors that you work so hard to maintain and keep looking pristine year-round.

Acts Like A Thorough Clean

With some flooring materials, like carpet, there are different levels to how deep you can clean. With special equipment like hot water vacuums and strong chemicals, even old stains can be removed from the carpet without anyone really knowing. With timber, there is no real way to clean out these stains and blemishes without using hardwood refinishing. Hardwood refinishing acts as a way to clean the slate and provide a fresh, new-looking wooden floor that feels as though it has just been put in for the first time. If you think your floor is looking a little worse for wear, don't put up with it.

Does Not Damage The Wood

While you might think that refinishing a hardwood surface can actually be detrimental to the structural integrity of the timber, this is not the case. Timber can be shaved down quite a bit in most cases, and refinishing only shaves off the very top layer. If you have refinished your timber flooring quite a few times, then you might want to get an inspection to know how many more times you can do this, but it is very rare for this to be an issue in modern households. 

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