Why You Don't Need To Replace Old Wooden Floors

Posted on: 30 August 2022

Wooden floors have many great natural advantages for homeowners. Not only do they look like something you might find in a different time period and are truly unique, but they are strong and feel great underfoot. However, it is undeniable that wooden floors will age, and, to a certain degree, this can put off owners. Having to replace wooden floors due to age is not something you really want to have to factor into your plans, and with the proper service, you never will. Wood floor refinishing is an essential service every timber floor owner needs to know about and here is how it can help you.

Quick And Simple Process 

Wood floor refinishing is a two-step process. The first step is using a grinder with a very fine grain to sand off the top coating on your timber flooring and then remove a couple of millimeters of the wood itself. This removes the old, disheveled surface of your wooden flooring while not compromising the structural integrity in any form whatsoever. In fact, it can help prevent premature aging because once the floor is given a new, protective coating to finish off the process it is much more secure and stable.

What Does It Remove?

Wood floor refinishing can get rid of a whole bunch of different stains, gouges into the timber, and scuff marks. Whether your dog has left their scratches all over a particular area of your timber floor or your children are a little less careful than you'd like and have colored in some areas of your house with permanent texta, wood floor refinishing will get rid of all these issues. For a busy family home that has wooden flooring, this is a very necessary service that you need to know about and consider every few years.

Can Be Refinished Multiple Times

Timber is thicker than you might realize and it is not impossible to refinish your floor several times without even coming close to breaching it. They are very strong and a couple of millimeters here and there will not compromise the wood. In fact, your wood floor refinishing contractor will let you know if there is even a hint of this becoming a problem. Many homes get their timber floors many times before they reach a point where the floor needs to be replaced, and that is decades down the track if it needs to even be considered at all. 

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