Restoring Your Hardwood Floors With Resurfacing

Posted on: 21 September 2022

When you are wanting to revitalize the appearance of your hardwood flooring, having it undergo the refinishing process can be an option that will provide major benefits to it. This can remove the top layer of the hardwood so that its appearance will be restored following surface staining, scratches, and other cosmetic issues.

Is There A Limit To The Number Of Times That Your Hardwood Floors Can Be Refinished?

There can be a misconception among some individuals that they will only be able to have their floors resurfaced once. This is not the case, as it is possible to resurface most hardwood floors multiple times. In the case of engineered hardwood flooring, it may only be able to be refinished a few times due to the fact that only the outer shell of this flooring is made of hardwood, and it will eventually become too thin to withstand resurfacing. However, hardwood floors that are solid will be able to undergo this process many times over the course of their lifespans.

What Will You Have To Do To Prepare Your House To Have Its Flooring Refinished?

Your hardwood floors will need some preparation work in order to get them ready to be resurfaced. For example, if the floors have carpet on them, it will have to be removed so that the contractors can access the hardwood underneath. Additionally, any furniture will need to be removed, and the floors should be swept to remove large debris. These steps can allow the hardwood to benefit the most from this type of work while also shortening the amount of time that the contractors will have to spend on it.

Will It Be Difficult To Clean Up The Dust From The Refinishing Process?

The process of resurfacing the hardwood floors will create substantial amounts of dust that can spread through the home. Unfortunately, concerns about this dust may lead to some individuals failing to have resurfacing completed. In reality, there are options that can be utilized to greatly reduce the total amount of dust that is being generated by the resurfacing process. For example, some resurfacing systems will utilize water to trap dust that may have other escaped, while others can use powerful vacuums that can suck up the dust before it is able to drift away. These options can substantially reduce the amount of cleanup that will be needed following the refinishing process, which can make it a very attractive option for any homeowner that is needing this work done to their hardwood floors.

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