Contributing Factors To The Longevity Of Your Hardwood Floors

Posted on: 24 October 2022

Making the choice for hardwood flooring installation is a big step for many homeowners. You are likely either capturing the look and feel of natural wood or installing new floors to rejuvenate the home. When you decide to move forward with this installation, one of the key factors to consider is the longevity of the flooring you choose. The type of hardwood is not the only consideration. You should also consider contributing factors that can cause a breakdown of your floors. Here are a few of those contributing factors to consider. 

Moisture Levels

The moisture levels in the home can directly contribute to the longevity of the wood. Moisture will cause wood to warp. This can cause the appearance and feeling of waving in the floor. It can also lead to loose hardwood planks and the ability for moisture to get underneath the planks. Moisture is not the only issue. Overly dry environments can cause the wood to shrink or contract. This can lead to cracking in the wood and damage to the planks. You will need to not only check the moisture levels but take the steps to maintain the proper levels for the hardwood flooring. 

Subfloor Health

If you have been around homes with hardwood flooring, you know what it sounds like when the wood creaks. That creaking noise can be caused by improper preparation of the subfloor. The subfloor is directly underneath your hardwood flooring. It needs to not only be even, but it should also be in good health. If the subfloor is not ready for the hardwood floor installation, it can cause major issues such as loose boards. These loose boards can allow moisture, dirt, and other debris into the area that causes boards to stop laying flat or start bowing from water damage. 

Acclimating the Flooring

The hardwood flooring planks need to acclimate to the environment. Some homeowners believe they can allow the hardwood to acclimate after the installation. The truth is, you should have the hardwood flooring planks sit inside the home for a few weeks. This allows the wood to acclimate to the environment within your home. It also reduces the chances of warping or contracting that could happen after the installation process. The more acclimated the wood is, the longer the life of the wood flooring will be. 

Most of these possible mistakes can be avoided when you use a licensed flooring contractor. Licensed flooring contractors are skilled in recognizing these contributing factors. They will work to ensure your hardwood flooring installation is done with longevity in mind. Contact a flooring contractor for more information about hardwood floor installation