3 Tips For Choosing Marble Floor Tiles

Posted on: 31 October 2022

Marble flooring can add elegance to your home. While you may think marble is only for high-end spaces, it works well in various homes. Marble is equally beautiful and long-lasting as long as you take care of it. This flooring material is also a lot more durable than you may think. There are also many styles of marble to consider. Here are three tips for choosing marble floor tiles for your home. 

Choose In Person

Looking at marble tiles in person is a great way to ensure you get what you want for your home. Marble comes in a wide array of colors and patterns. Pink, red, green, white, brown, ivory, and black hues are available. Marble tile comes in different textures, including honed, polished, and tumbled. Each slab of marble is unique, so there can be a lot of variation in marble flooring, even when it is of the same variety. When you look at marble floor tiles in person, you can pick the ones you want for your home. 

Look For Quality

No matter what your price range is for flooring, buying the best quality materials you can afford is your best bet. Quality flooring will look better and last longer. A few things indicate that marble tiles are of high quality. First, look for tiles that are free of stains and cracks. Cracks and fissures that are too deep can compromise the strength of the tile. Second, consider the dimensions of the marble tiles. The thicker the tile, the higher the quality. Finally, look for signs of doctoring in the tiles. Poor-quality marble floor tiles may have fill added to their imperfections. 

Consider Your Budget

Marble may have a reputation for being pricey, but it doesn't have to break the bank. Setting a budget when shopping for marble floor tiles is essential—size, style, and variety all impact what you pay for marble flooring. Quality also significantly impacts your bottom line. Marble tiles can cost anywhere from $3 to $50 per square foot. Tile flooring installation ranges from $4 to $10 per square foot. 

If you are looking for marble floor tiles, these tips can help. First, check out your options in person since it will give you a feel for what you want. Second, look for signs of quality when making a decision. Finally, consider your budget when choosing marble floor tiles for your home. Marble tiles come in various price points.