How To Know When You Need To Sand And Refinish Your Hardwood Floors

Posted on: 21 December 2022

Hardwood floors are an attractive addition to any home. Not only do they add warmth and character, but also value to your property. However, hardwood floors need regular maintenance and care in order to keep them looking beautiful. One way you can ensure your floor remains in pristine condition is by sanding and refinishing it every few years. Below are three signs that it's time for you to sand and refinish your hardwood floors. 

Scratches, Gouges, or Discoloration on the Floor's Surface

One of the most obvious signs that your hardwood floor needs some attention is if there are scratches, gouges, or discoloration on its surface. This could be due to heavy foot traffic or furniture being moved around over time, which causes wear-and-tear damage that cannot be removed with a simple mop job. A good quality sanding job will restore your floor back to its former glory by removing these imperfections from the surface of the wood.

Warped or Buckled Boards in the Flooring

Another indication that your floor needs attention is if the boards have become warped or buckled over time. This can happen due to moisture seeping through the cracks between the boards, as well as changes in temperature throughout the year, which cause the wooden planks to expand or contract, resulting in warping or buckling of certain areas of the wood floor. Sanding helps to remove this warping or buckling so that all sections of the wood floor become level once again.    

The Floor Has Lost Its Shine

One of the main benefits of having a hardwood floor is its glossy sheen which adds elegance to any room; however, this shine can eventually fade away due to dirt buildup as well as the natural aging process over time making it look duller than before. A good sanding job followed by a professional staining and finishing process will bring back life into those tired, old-looking planks giving them their original shine back once again.

In summary, if you notice any of the above signs on your hardwood floors, it is important to get professional sanding and refinishing services as soon as possible. Not only will this help to restore the beauty of your floors, but it will also help to increase their durability and longevity. Furthermore, a sand and refinish job can add value and style to any space, making it a worthwhile task. Professional sanding and refinishing services are a great way to keep your hardwood floors looking great and lasting for years to come.

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